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German Shepherd Breeder
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  Welcome to VON JAGERMEISTER HAUS GERMAN SHEPHERDS. I have been breeding dogs since 1982. I started out breeding and showing collies. I had a dog that was top 10 dog in the USA, and I have had some of my dogs in a movie. At the same time I started breeding and breaking and training horses. I started breeding German Shepherds in 1996.
  I got my first German Shepherd, and she was out of working lines. I fell in love with the breed, and eventually switched over to only German Shepherds. I fell in love with how loyal and how smart they are. Also the fact that they would do anything for you, and would lay down their life for you in a instant if needed.
  German shepherds are truly amazing dogs and so much fun. They are fantastic family dogs and great with kids. So easy to train, and they just want to make you happy. They are so versatile. I have so many stories of my dogs protecting their owners when needed, and even helping the police find and hold a man robing a store. All of this with no training. My German Shepherds are family raised and they are my babies.
  We have have so much fun training and working our dogs. If you are looking for a fantastic family pet or great working dogs, than I have the perfect dog for you. I have the really old, world famous, hard to find, DDR working lines. Some of my dogs have Czech world famous lines.
  To find out more about my Shepherds and my breeding practices go to the side bar and click on to Shepherds. To see pictures of them and their pedigrees, go to the side bar and click on to Gallery. For any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.
German Shephards.

Von Jagermeister Haus is located in Southern California. If you have any questions, please contact me at vonjagermeisterhaus@yahoo.com.

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